When to Call a Wheel Rim Repair Service

Learn the Signs That Your Wheel Rim Is Damaged

Whether you have recently replaced your tires or they are still in good condition, there is always the possibility that someone will park their car on the outside of your vehicle, causing damage to your wheel. This can be avoided if the problem is identified and addressed as soon as possible. If you’re still unsure whether your wheel is damaged or not, here are some signs that you might need a wheel rim repair:

Off-Centered Wheel

If your wheel appears to be off-centered, the most common cause is that someone parked their car on top of your vehicle. It is not a serious problem and can be easily repaired with a wheel rim repair, but you must be cautious if you park your car on the outside of your vehicle to avoid this.

Rim Bending

Whenever you start driving your car, it may have a tendency of applying a little too much force on the tire. This can cause the rim to bend out of shape, which is usually referred to as ding or damage. This is why you should make sure to have your rims properly inspected so that you can have the problem repaired right away if it’s going to happen.

Rim Walk

This is a term used to describe when there is a visible step on the outside edge of your rims. It’s a common problem that can often be prevented by having your rims properly balanced.

Crotch Damage

There are a few reasons why the inside of your wheel could completely break or crack. It can often be a result of overloading or misalignment of the wheel, or it can be because of a small rock under the tire. As a result, you can be left with some very deep cracks that need a rim repair service.

Bent Wheel

If you do not have your wheel properly aligned, it is possible that your wheel could become bent. This is why if you see that your wheel is off-centered or has scratches; you should take it to a professional right away. The sooner you can have your wheel repaired, the easier it will be to get it back to normal and avoid an expensive rim repair.

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